Sunday, June 27, 2010

Looking at the six-month gap between posts, I thought I'd catch us up on my mental health since my last January post.

I had a really bad episode in which I attempted to harm myself. My mother and my wife took me up to my doctor and basically said, "hey, this Cymbalta ain't cuttin' it." So he decided it was time for me to visit a psychiatrist. After a couple of meetings, he diagnosed me with Type II Bi-Polar. I was like, "okay...."

So a few months have transpired. I'm currently on a regimen of Seroquel in the evenings for management of my bi-polar syndrome, Cymbalta in the morning to keep my depression at bay, and Xanax when I have anger/panic/manic attacks.

And for at least two months, I've felt GREAT! I'm getting things done. I'm staying positive. It's nice, and very different from the last few YEARS.

So that's the update! :)

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